Super Easy DIY Fabric Chargers – No Sewing!

Super Easy DIY Fabric Chargers – No Sewing!

Six days til Christmas. Six days y’all! I know you’ve heard that a million times over the last week. And I’m sure you’ve said it yourself. It’s just so hard to accept.

So here it is, six days from Christmas and I’m over here crafting more Christmas decor. Okay, really these chargers are for my New Year’s Eve table setting. I’ve never done a NYE decor project before but this year I felt inspired. I was sitting in my living room feeding Lainey and I noticed I have quite a few clocks. I love clocks. They’re one of my favorite things to find at yard sales & thrift stores. Anyway, while feeding the babe, a vision came to me of a gallery of clocks all set to midnight for a NYE party or dinner. Then my wheels started spinning. I came up with a couple ideas & have started putting them together. I’ll share the whole New Year’s Eve dining room later this week.

For now, here’s my quick tutorial to make these DIY fabric chargers. The best part, they’re super affordable and super easy! No messy paint or annoying sewing. This original idea is from Pender and Peony. For more tips & the original tutorial, check out her post here .

Below is my step-by-step tutorial along with a couple short videos of me making these.

Supplies needed:

1) glue gun

2) 3/4 yard fabric (will make eight 12 inch chargers)

3) 12 inch cake boards (here.)

4) scissors

The steps:

1) Lay your cake boards out on the fabric and cut the fabric to size.

2) Optional: trim fabric into a circle that is slightly larger than cake board. If you skip this step now, you can trim the fabric after gluing it to the cake boards.

3) Using your glue gun, start by gluing four points of fabric to the cake board. Then continue gluing all the way around. You’ll have to do some manipulating to the fabric & creative folding to get everything flat. If you’re a talented gift wrapper you will excel at this part. I am far from a talented gift wrapper, but we got it done.

[Please bear with me. When I made these videos they were for Instagram stories and I wasn’t thinking so I failed to get one extended video. So there are 3 short videos instead.]

4) Once fully glued, flip over & ta-daaaa! You have a custom fabric plate charger! In about 15 minutes I made four of these.

So simple & affordable yet such an impact in your table setting. You could easily do these for every holiday or event for chargers that perfectly fit every theme or color palette.

What do you think of these super easy DIY chargers??

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the interwebs today. I hope you have the merriest of Christmases sweet friends 🙂


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