DIY Vintage Botanical Art – Affordable Spring Decor

DIY Vintage Botanical Art – Affordable Spring Decor

Hello my friends! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here and I wish that wasn’t the case. We are told how important it is to post consistently to grow our blogs. I just can’t see how that is even possible when life is as busy as it is. I’m not wanting to complain, or say that my life is any busier than the next person, just letting you know where my head is at and that I really want to be here more. And honestly, I’m sure I’m no busier than the next person. I just struggle more than average to keep up! I’m not good at time management. At. All. I would like to think I could one day be really consistent. For now, I’ll keep doing the best I can and hope you all stick with me as I go.

If you’ll forgive me for being a little absent, I have a super easy, affordable tutorial for ya today for adding Spring to your décor 😊.

In East Tennessee, the weather here has been bouncing between Spring and Winter which is pretty typical for us. I’m seriously over the cold Wintery days and ready for full fledge Spring. Fortunately, today it is one of the Spring filled days and it’s in the 70s with the sun shining! Perfect timing for this Spring décor post.

If you’re like me, you’ve been loving the vintage botanical everything that’s out right now. The framed art, fabric scrolls, pillows, all the things. I’ve looked at some framed botanical art several times but the prices are outrageous! Same with the pillows! So, like any good cheap ass, I went about DIY-ing some for our house. Let me tell you, they turned out great! I made pillows, a T-shirt, and framed prints.

In this post, I’m sharing how I made all four of these framed prints for under $20. That’s including the frames!

Here’s how I did it:

Purchase Instant Downloads of your choice from Etsy .

You will be able to find these relatively cheap and there are so many options! Here are the ones I purchased:

Total cost was about $11.50. I have purchase other downloads from this shop before and have been completely satisfied each time.

Print at Office Depot, Staples or other printing service.

I uploaded my downloaded images to Office Depot’s online printing service. I selected “same day in-store pick up.” I chose 28lb white paper. I printed the 11×14 size print that was included in my downloads. You’ll want to select “ledger” as the paper size when submitting your print job. Total cost for all 4 images printed in color on ledger paper was $3.00.

Purchase frames.

I picked up four simple 11×14 frames from the Dollar Tree for $1 each. Can you believe that? 11×14 frames for $1?! I love how they are light-weight for hanging. I also love that the black is somewhat matte which goes nicely with the vintage inspired prints.

Trim excess paper and frame.

The ledger paper is larger than 11×14 so you’ll need to trim some paper from your print. Then, frame your beautiful, vintage inspired art and you’re done!

Total cost: $18.50 + tax

That’s less than the cost of one framed vintage botanical print anywhere that I’ve seen!

I layered mine over some old windows in our dining room. I hung them with fishing line from the top of the windows. It wasn’t easy to get them even, but I’m loving the finished look so it was worth the blood, sweat, and tears.

What do you think of these vintage inspired botanical prints? How are you adding Spring in your home this year?

I love connecting with you guys so please drop a comment below or follow me on Instagram. If you happen to make your own, be sure to tag me so I can see them!

Also, follow my Instagram stories this Wednesday for more affordable Spring inspo. I’m teaming up with some amazingly talented & thrifty gals to bring you lots of great Spring ideas.

Have a great week!

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