DIY Spray Painted Door Knobs – Add a Little Farmhouse Touch to Any Home

DIY Spray Painted Door Knobs – Add a Little Farmhouse Touch to Any Home

When we moved in, we had orangey faux wood doors throughout our house with orangey cheapo matching trim around every doorframe. Changing these doors and the trim was one of our very first DIY upgrades. We purchased primed hollow 6 panel interior doors at Home Depot for about $30. That’s a great price for a totally new look in your house but it will definitely add up if you’re doing your entire house. If you can’t do it all at once, buy a door or two at a time until you get your entire house done.

  • when linking to these doors for you guys, I noticed the price has gone up to almost $40.

At the time, we weren’t sure of the direction we were going with our hardware and light fixtures and we were probably close to broke after buying ten new doors, so we went with the cheapest, most basic door knobs we could get. They were brushed nickel. And they were a serious upgrade from our previous knob situation.

Fast forward about seven years, and I’ve basically found my style and its flooding through every room in the house. I knew that black door knobs would look so much better with our decor but even the cheapest door knobs I could find would add up to be more than I wanted to spend. I have so many projects right now and so many things I would rather spend that money on.

I decided to go with a temporary, affordable fix. Good ol spray paint!

I know this isn’t some brilliant new idea but it’s something I think a lot of people would be hesitant to attempt due to fear of chipping/peeling, etc. I was afraid of that too. However, since I knew I eventually would be replacing the door knobs regardless, I figured it was worth a shot. Even if they last a year, I got the look I want and bought some time before having to drop the dough on knobs.

To prep my knobs, I cleaned them really well with a degreaser. Then, I made sure they were rinsed well with water and dried. I lightly scuffed them with sand paper, then wiped any residue away with alcohol.

I picked up some floral foam from the Dollar Tree to stick them in while I painted them.

Here’s the paint I used:

I wanted something a little tougher than standard spray paint so I went with Krylon Pro.

After two coats of paint and adequate dry time, I reinstalled them and stepped back to admire my snazzy new black door knobs. I’m obsessed with the contrast of the black against the crisp white doors. I think it adds a little modern farmhouse touch too.

I picked up these strike plates from Lowes to complete the transformation:

Who knew they were called strike plates? Not I.

I got the oil rubbed bronze with the intent of spray painting them if they stood out as a mismatch but after installing them, you can’t tell they aren’t black. They were only $2.48 for a pack of two.

Don’t these black door knobs make a serious difference in our tiny hallway?? It really takes the smallest things sometimes to excite me. These new door knobs are one of those things.

The total spent was around $12. That includes the paint, strike plates, and floral foam. And that’s about the cost of ONE super cheap black door knob.

How long will they hold up? Time will tell. I’m not out a lot of money or time so it won’t kill me when they do chip. Truthfully, I could just touch them up when needed with the extra spray paint.

I will say, I did not do my entry doors. I figure they get a lot of rough wear so I hadn’t much hope in the paint surviving on them. We might buy new hardware for the entry doors soon. Since we didn’t have to pay much for all the other doors knobs, I’m sure we can make it happen.

Let me know if you have any questions about this project. I’ll give an update on how they’re holding up in a few months.

Have a good one, friends!


Interior Door // Strike Plates // Krylon Pro Spray Paint // Fiddle Leaf Fig

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