DIY Framed Recipe Cards & Post-Christmas Dining Room Refresh

DIY Framed Recipe Cards & Post-Christmas Dining Room Refresh

Hey hey! I’m sharing my post-Christmas dining room refresh along with some simple DIY framed recipe cards. It’s Saturday and I’m over here itching to go thrifting. Lainey’s starting her nap so I could get ready & be ready by the time she gets up, but that takes so much energy that I do not have.

I haven’t been sleeping much lately. I go through phases that I can only describe as manic. I can’t sleep. I’ll be up til 3 am feeling all inspired with ideas spinning around in my head. I do this for a week or two usually then I’m back to normal.

The other night during one of these episodes, I got the idea that I wanted to frame some old recipe cards from my mom’s recipe rolodex thingy. I jumped out of bed at 1 am & went to disassembling the thingy. You can imagine my frustration when I didn’t have the exact frames needed on hand. And damn Hobby Lobby closes well before dusk. Okay, maybe 1 am is an unreasonable expectation. But geez. Some of us aren’t inspired during bankers’ hours. Or free to shop until everyone else is asleep.

So the next day, I picked up these perfect float frames from the Hob Lob.

Assembling them was super easy. I love the texture these recipe cards add to this corner while keeping everything neutral. Plus it’s a little touch of my mom who is no longer here.

In true millennial wife fashion, I swung by Target on my way home where I picked up these curtains . Guys, I have a really hard time selecting curtains. I can never find a pattern that is simple enough for me. When I try colors I always hate them. So I resort to white because everyone has white curtains now and they look great in their homes. But walking by this white dining room every day with white curtains and white furniture just wasn’t exciting me. It was too white. When I saw these curtains I knew it was love at first sight.

I paused for a moment to think, are these on trend? Will others like the look? Don’t lie and say you never think about that when you’re making purchases. It’s natural. But I pushed those thoughts aside & told myself I was gonna follow my instincts to create a room I genuinely love regardless of what I see trending.

As soon as I hung these curtains I looooved them. To me, they are perfection. They’re the only curtains I’ve ever purchased and been excited about. That’s crazy. I’ve been homemaking for 12 years!

The only thing I might change is the length. I will have to order online to get piling floor length though. I saved the packaging & receipt in case I decide to do that but I don’t hate the current casual look and might stick with it.  

Now to find curtains for my living room that I’m just as jazzed about…

I hung the framed recipe cards and silver platters with Command Strips. Command Strips are the ish. It’s so nice not having to fully commit to certain things on the wall or location on the wall. And being able to tell Austin I’m not making any holes relieves his anxiety. I cleared all Christmas from the corner hutch too. Almost every piece you see here is a thrifted find.

I considered keeping winter pines and pine cones out til spring but I wasn’t feeling them. I’m just done with winter. Starting December 26, I’m ready for spring.

I still need to finish some trim work in here, touch up paint, paint the doorknob, and also blog about the DIY faux shiplap walls. There are a million tutorials on doing these walls so you’re probably thinking don’t waste your breath. We’ve already done them or know how. But have you done them on mobile home walls? Where my mobile home lifers?! And trust me, the other tutorials don’t tell you everything. They’re all very sugar coated or simplified versions of the real project.

Have a good weekend, friends!

If you read this blog post, THANK YOU! Seriously. Thanks for the love!

Below are links to some of the items I used in this room including the curtains and floating frames. I am working on a prettier setup to include pictures for shopping items in my posts. Bear with me. I’m so techno impaired.

Frames // Curtains // Light Fixture // Porcelain Pitcher

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