DIY Feed Sack Art

DIY Feed Sack Art

DIY Feed Sack Art

Hey fraans. So those who know me well, know I can be cheap. And impatient. Well, not can be. I am cheap. And extremely impatient. So when I decided that framed feed sacks were the answer for some empty wall space in my living room, naturally I conjured up a plan to create DIY “feed sack” art instead of purchasing real sacks online, paying for shipping, then waiting for them to arrive. Even including the cost of the frames, these were so cheap to make! I’m pretty damn pleased with how they turned out too.

I’ve seen other DIY grain/feed sack projects in which drop cloth is used. Most of them use bleached drop cloth. But I felt pretty inspired by this photo from Fixer Upper:

I love the old dirty looking brown against the white walls. I didn’t want to create an exact replica of these. I used different words and chose not to use images. But you could replicate these or any others you find online or create custom feed/grain sacks of your own. Here’s how you make them:


  • Sharpie
  • Drop cloth
  • Rit Fabric Dye (in tan)
  • Craft paint
  • Very small paint brush
  • Card stock
  • Cricut Machine (or printer & scissors)
  • Large frames (mine are 18×24)


  1. Carefully cut drop cloth to size of frame. I laid the cardboard piece that came in the frame on top of my fabric as a pattern.
  2. Create your design. I created my design in Cricut Designspace and let my Cricut do the cutting. You could also use ol trusty MS Word, print, then hand cut. After deciding what sizes and fonts you wanna use, cut your words (and images if applicable) on cardstock to make stencils. There are tons of examples of grain sacks and feed sacks online. You can find simple images for free on google.
  3. Paint. I mixed a dark shade of gray craft paint with black. For some of the words, I dabbed the paint in the center of the letters after they were cut out like a traditional stencil. For others, I lightly traced the letters with a sharpie then filled them in with my tiny paint brush.
  4. Dye Fabric. Once everything was dry, I folded each piece of fabric in half then sorta bunched it up and loosely tied a rubber band around it. Almost like you’re tie-dying a shirt. Follow instructions on Rit Dye bottle. I put mine in a large roasting pan instead of a bucket. Whatever is within reach works for me. (BTW- Who knew that fabric dying requires dish soap and salt??) I think I only allowed my fabric to soak for about 45 minutes. Then washed it and laid flat to dry. (Washing after you’ve painted will slightly fade the paint and make it look more legit.)
  5. Add to your frame and that’s it! What surprised me about these frames is that the “glass” is actually a thin plastic. I actually love that. They are much lighter and easier to hang! They look great in person and you can’t even tell.

I’m loving how these turned out! Michaels was having a big pre-Christmas sale when I bought my frames. Both frames together were less than $23 (including tax!). Everything else was on hand except the dye. The grand total was under $30. For two large framed pieces of wall art, I think that’s a huge bang for the buck. What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by today. Happy New Year guys!




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